Thursday, February 14, 2013

Creative Storage

I live in a beautiful loft in the heart of Montreal. An old industrial building transformed into high ceiling open concept bliss. The challenge however, comes with any multi-functional space. How to create separate functional spaces for a variety of uses in a (relatively) small space. For us (my boyfriend and I) the main issue has been storage. With my plethora of collectibles; vintage clothes for easy, my own clothes and shoes, books and records, it's difficult to maintain an area that looks clutter free. I find that clutter for me is really detrimental for the work space. I'm the type of person who needs a a desk swept free of debris before I can start working.

I thought these ideas were cute and easy projects for a weekend.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Winter Interiors

Winter. Nothing brings out the interior decorator in me like the first smells of frost in the morning. For whatever reason, the winter season always makes me want to clean and redecorate. Much more so than spring. I've always done things a little bit backwards so I suppose this suits me. Something about opening up all the windows in your house when it's freezing outside to air things out. While sweeping with 3 sweaters and mittens on. I guess it's an adult version of playing Cinderella....?

As a child my mom and I always had a blast decorating for Xmas and the winter holidays. We travelled and lived a lot of places, so decoration was often inspired by the current surroundings. 

In the South (USA) we feted a cowboy holiday. In California we had a tree with seashells and made Jumbo shrimp on the barbecue for Christmas day. When we moved more permanently to Canada, all winter white dreams came true. We had a large brick home on a big forested lot with two chimneys that would burn all winter. And the most beautiful snow! Tons of it, weighing the trees, crunching under foot.

Recently celebrations at my parents home have become less consumer oriented and more about the important things. Spending good time together, enjoying good food and walks outside. Most of our decorations have been handmade as activities we do together and since it's a large property there's lots of room for craftiness and experimentation.
Now that I live in the city in my own (albeit) tiny place, I want to keep that handmade cozy spirit going. 

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012



I am a huge fan of Grimes. So imagine my excitement when I get word from a (very) reliable source that there will be a Saint Laurent Paris and Grimes t-shirt collab.

Supposedly it will look like the last album cover which is an original drawing by Claire Boucher herself. I will be first in line come SS13. Watch out.


 If you don't know her already, you are behind the times.

Video featuring Brooke Candy, who also merits a Google.

Photos borrowed from here.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Orange sweaters and twisty rings

Just ordered this:

Saw Lou Doillon wearing it for Free People October catalog/ on Garance Dore's blog.

Her apartment is amazing. I've been doing lots of apartment web surfing lately. SO many thoughts.
More on that later.

Also ordered this:

from etsy. Lots of beautiful jewelry at this shop.

I love getting things in the mail.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Liquor Fever

I love how in old movies, having a drink is not solely about the drink itself. It includes the actions surrounding the drink. The shaker, the accoutrements, they all seem to make a big difference in the way the drink taste.

What better time than fall to set up a little bar area, for a warm welcome home after the chilly walk from work.

I haven't found any of the bar supplies yet, but I've already started looking up pumpkin flavored cocktails. ;)

Via weheartit and anthropology.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Older and Perhaps Wiser?

As I grow older (and hopefully wiser) I find myself more and more drawn to the hippie lifestyle. Flowing dresses, tie dye, loose fitting natural fabrics. 
I try to eat as healthy and organically as possible, I say things like "It's all good""You know that's really bad for you" "I found the most delicious tea".
None of this bothers me, in fact these changes have definitely been for the better.
But is it a trend driven change, or a genuine lifestyle facelift?
I guess the question remains as always, authentic or not?

Via designmilk and freepeople

Wednesday, March 21, 2012